Cantonese opera'Zhang Jiuling' premiere retells story of'cutting into the mountain'

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On June21st and22nd,"Zhang Jiuling", a new historical Cantonese opera, premiered at Guangdong Cantonese Opera Art Center, presenting the touching story about Zhang Jiuling, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty, building the Meiling Ancient Road. A poetic and magnificent story was unfolded amid the romantic and artistic spectacle of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, showing Zhang Jiuling"s growth in mind, spirit and political ability.

The freehand and splash-ink technique was used to render the images on the stage, while the veils served as a simple tool to reflect the grand scenes and the whole vibe of the opera. The music, alternately sorrowful, melodious and grandiose, was flowing in the diffusing colors of the classical stage, embodying Zhang Jiuling"s demeanor and temperament - also the connotations of the opera - to the fullest.

Through the wonderful performance, actors have managed to portray different vivid characters. Zhang Jiuling, played by the first-class performer Wen Ruqing, appeared to be unswerving and daring. Making up his mind to stand for people"s interests, he was determined to"cut into the mountain" by himself with no fear nor regrets.


"During the rehearsals, I gradually understood that Zhang Jiuling is not just a virtuous and tenacious character. In him, I also see a full state of humanity and Buddha nature. When he put himself in harm"s way and was dedicated to saving the people, the homeland, and the country, he was just like Prometheus who stole the fire for mankind, or Shakyamuni, who sought a way for people to escape the suffering of life. With such great compassion, great feelings and great responsibility, Zhang Jiuling was destined to bring light to the world."

Miss Tian, a fan from Hong Kong, has watched the opera two times in a row. She said,"The stage is gorgeous. The vast territory and abundant resources of Lingnan, as well as the great difficulties Zhang Jiuling has encountered when cutting into the mountain, can all be seen from the beginning. And the actor Wen Ruqing has put so many sincere feelings in his acting, which touched me a lot."

"The biggest difference between Chinese opera and other kinds of drama lies in aesthetics, which is also the key to reaching the audience"s hearts. And the greatest value that operas can offer is not only the stories and conflicts, but most importantly, the unique aesthetic experience." said Director Xu Chunlan,"The producers of our team have gone deep into the texts, the characters and the history. We also made a scouting trip to Shaoguan together and obtained a lot of ideas. It is through the joint creation of everyone can the unique aesthetics and connotations of the opera"Zhang Jiuling" be presented."








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